Benefits of Basil in Cooking

Basil Leaves are highly important and also come with a lot of health benefits in cooking. It’s for this reason why Homechow carefully placed Basil leaves as part of our ingredients in our menu for Pasta Pesto. Eating healthy and good food is essential in having a normal balanced diet.

Here are a few Benefits of Basil Leaves compiled by the Head Chef, Chef Mark Adu Obeng, at Homechow.

  • Basil contains antioxidants which help in giving a younger skin.
  • Supports Liver Function by detoxifying the body.
  • Helps treat an Upset Tummy.
  • Good for Digestion – Basil fortifies the digestive and nervous system and can be a good remedy for headaches and insomnia.
  • Lower your cholesterol – Since Basil targets metabolic stress, it also helps with weight loss and cholesterol levels.

Some Basil leaves a day with some Tasty Homechow “Pasta Pesto” meal will surely keep your body in a terrific health state.

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