Our dishes

Handcrafted delights that instantly brighten up your day. Whether its local, continental or western, we use the finest ingredients to produce these mouth-watering dishes.

Corporate Catering

Daily meal services provided to office employees
A formal get-together
A dinner post meeting
The private party organized to expand the business

lunch services

Order your Lunch meals for your office, family, Team or gathering etc and get them delivered based on your preferred choice of meal.

CATERING services

Need us to cater for your event or specially deliver your foods at your required venue. Look no further, Homechow.io App Ltd is there for you.

Our local Collection

Take a look at our mouth-watering Local Dishes carefully tailored for a good Ghanaian Food Experience

Jollof Rice/Chicken/Beef/Goat

Specially selected long grain rice cooked in a spicy blend of locally farmed tomatoe sauce and served with oven-baked chicken, beef or goat meat. A must have meal for any occasion!

Fried Rice/Chicken/Beef

Cooked long grain rice pan fried with our signature stock added to a side of clay-oven baked pork, chicken or beef. A taste you

will come to love!


Specially selected long grain rice, cooked to perfection with a side of slow-cooked locally grown tomato sauce combined with a choice of chicken, beef or goat meat. A welcome to beautiful

Africa meal!


A mixture of cooked Black Eyed peas and rice with a prime cut goat or beef meat in a herb stewed tomato sauce added with a side of homemade “shito”. Another welcome to Africa meal!

Yams/Eggplant Sauce/Beef/Chicken

Neatly sliced cooked yam with a side of eggplant sauce with either clay-oven baked beef or chicken A fulfilling meal on-the-go!


We also cater for the Best Continental Dishes for a good Food Experience your Taste Buds will love


Spaghetti Pasta, tossed in a locally grown basil herb and garlic mix with oil blend. Simple and elegant dish for your buds!

Spaghetti/Beef Sauce/Bolognese

Spaghetti pasta combined with Mediterranean herbs and spices in a pomodorina/roma tomato sauce tossed together with a side of juicy, clay-oven baked beef. A lovely Italian meal on-the-go!

Chinese Rice/Pork/Chicken/Beef (stir fry)

Perfectly cooked, well spiced long grain rice, pan fried with our signature stock to go with a side of clay-oven baked pork, chicken or beef. Definitely a must try!

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