About Us

We are changing how food,goods, and logistics intersect in cities in the African continent as we provide a better on-the-go prepared meal service at an affordable cost. We dare to dream in the face of all the challenges we face in a region where technology has just started to be a game changer in diverse industries. We are building and transforming one meal package, and one logistical transport at a time.

We believe in the African continent because we are her children.


App Ltd.

27 Gbobilor Street





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Our story

Homechow.io is a food App and vending Service Company, making it easier for our growing customers in the cities to find good, healthy and on-the-go prepared meal service at an affordable food cost.

We have built a model to utilize already existing kiosks and shops already in place as depots.  These partnerships make it easier for shops/stores to increase their revenue on a daily basis.


These partnerships also help the stores/shops, to get into the business without the hustle of going through logistical/kitchen needs and or bureaucratic/governmental regulations.

As we utilize the spaces already in place, we make it our duty to brand the shops/ stores we partner with making it easy for customers to locate and find Homechow meals. 


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