Our Work Culture

At Homechow.io App Ltd,
everyone works together as a team making sure we always making food ordering
and delivery reliable, fast and accessible.

We want you to enjoy what you love to eat on the go, so we encourage professional work ethics and on Time delivery by our employees

Look forward to:

  • Modern office floor
  • A good working space area
  • Flexible working hours
  • Company support for
  • Company Events
  • A Casual Dress code

Homechow.io App Ltd makes it possible for employees to experience a new culture in a working environment.

We make it a fun, encouraging and ambitious working place where every employee is valued.
This makes it possible for our employees to enjoy the work they do, enjoy the
people they work with and enjoy the company they work for, allowing our
employees to work and collaborate with some of the best, experienced and the
brightest in the Tech Space.

The need for fresh  talent…continuously.

We understand fresh new talent is vital to our continued growth. And we are looking at bringing in the
best and brightest from Colleges and Universities around the Country and
Continent. For this reason, we have set up an internship and full-time job
opportunities for students and graduates to work with us. You will receive a
hands-on training and mentorship from experienced team members and Executives
which gets you ready for future leadership positions at Homechow.io.

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27 Gbobilor St.

La-Accra, Ghana


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