One on One with Gabby

-Why the name Homechow?
So in boarding school living away from the comfort of one’s home and family makes you basically miss out on homemade food and more eager for family visits to taste some good food as we call in Ghana (homechow) that you have been craving for so long.

-Good food deserves to be shared; did that too come from the same concept?
It came from the same concept of seeing people in the African culture like us eating together from one bowl and enjoying good food and this to me just explains clearly why Food is a channel to bring people together.

-What difference will Homechow bring to the Food Tech Industry?
It’s a sector which is hidden and really competitive and I actually disagree with people who say “if it’s food it will sell’, many Food companies have failed because of management, quality or taste.
In our case, it’s not only how we are outsourcing our produce but using science and technology to be able to channel what we are trying to achieve with our customers. The Technology aspect of our company is our uniqueness to other competitors because we want to reach as many people as possible and create more jobs as we bring good and quality food to the lovely people in Ghana.

-Why start at Labadi?
This is where my story begins and where I grew up and it’s the exact place to create Jobs for the community and this gives me an understanding of where we coming from as a people. We could have started in any other town in Ghana but bringing Jobs back to my city was a huge part of my inspiration.

-Why should people Join Homechow?
Our Application is very easy to use with no issue of queues or struggles in locating us because we are very accessible. Give us a try and you won’t regret it..!

-Why is Food Tech so important to you?
Technology is very important to me, and in Ghana, this is one of the Industries that is rarely touched. There are so many catering services in Ghana but are they able to reach everyone at any location, that is the main question.

Technology is what can change Ghana and take it to the development stage we ought to be, music, manufacturing just to name a few are some of the industries being influenced by technology positively. Food is also one of the mediums that can reach everyone.

-Where do you see Homechow in the next couple of years?
As the leading Food Tech Company in Ghana if not sub Saharan Africa. It’s a huge ambition but I believe we can reach there with a lot of dedication and hard work. When we get our blueprints right all that will be needed is replication.
So we will be one of the leading Food Technology Companies, we shall be partnering with large firms and be extending our reach to more cities, regions, and countries.

-What excites you about your work?
Honestly, it’s the people I work with that gives me more enthusiasm each day. The team I have now are made up of talented and very qualified people who are ready to learn and grow with the company each day.

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